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Control Access to Records with Roles and Hierarchies:

Role-based hierarchies eliminate clutter and enable salespeople to focus on their own tasks and customers by controlling what records and CRM areas different users are allowed to see.

User and Access Management:

1. Individuals assigned a hierarchical role can be set to see only those customers at their level and below

2. Use hierarchies to assign territories or other sales segments to ensure that users and groups are focused on only their customers.

Role Based Custom View:

Role Based Custom view or Custom filters has been introduced for easier management of custom views and sharing custom views with other users. Any user can create Custom filter. By default any created custom filter will be marked as Private

Private - Only the user who created the custom filter and the users above this user in the role hierarchy can view this custom filter. Users can mark the custom filter as Public during custom filter creation or even after creation by editing the custom filter through a check box Set as Public

Public - Any user of the CRM irrespective of his position/role in the organization can view it.