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Product Details

Centralize Your Customer Data for Quick Access:

All your customer data in one place enables salespeople to spend less time searching and more time selling - customer interactions, deal information, emails, and data are all accessible in one place.

Functions & Features:

1. Import leads, contacts, opportunities, organizations, and all other customer data via .CSV file

2. Automatically associate received and sent customer emails with their associated CRM record for a complete picture of customer interactions and histories

3. Integrate with Microsoft Outlook, Exchange Server, MailChimp and other applications

Understand Your Customers and Your Organization:

1. Associate lists of leads with marketing campaigns to track the average amount spent per lead and campaign characteristics

2. Know how much you're spending on your campaigns and how much you're getting out of them. If you spend Rs. 20, 000 (or) $400 on a marketing campaign assess whether wins from that marketing campaign are exceeding the 20k (or) $400 spent on them

3. Understand common characteristics of customers who buy from you to tailor and focus your marketing and sales efforts on leads who share those characteristics.